Woof Walkies Most F.A.Q's

Got some questions you need answering before contacting Woof Walkies?...These are some of our most Frequently Asked Questions.

If you have a different question which we haven't answered below, please Get In Touch and we will try to help.

There are other dog walking and Day Care services out there, why should I use Woof Walkies?

What exactly is your Day Care service?

Is Day Care suitable for every dog?

I am concerned that my dog is not used to being with so many other dogs/is too small/too antisocial, how can I be sure my dog will be OK?

What time are your Pack Walks?

Do you collect my dog or do I need to drop him/her off?

Can I ask for a specific pick up and drop off time?

How far do you travel to pick up/drop off?

My dog has not been neutered, will you still accept him/her at Woof Walkies?

My dog requires medication during the day will you be able to administer it?

Can I follow my dog’s time at WWHQ on social media?

How many dogs a day do you have at WWHQ?

Does my dog need to bring anything to Woof Walkies with him/her?

Does my dog need to be vaccinated before attending at WW?

How much do you charge?

Do you do overnight boarding?

Are you open at weekends and bank holidays?

What are your hours of operation and contact details?

Tell me about Land Hire?

How do we pay you?

Do you cancel your services when it rains or snows?

How do we register our dog for your services?

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